About Us

 About Us
   “ We are partnering with world-class industry leaders to deliver THE MOST EXCELLENT
                          products and services along with sustainabledevelopment for our regional customers.”

Our Story
Empire Tech Company Limited – “Best Technology for Better Life

Officially established (registered) on December 2nd, 2005 in Nonthaburi province

Authorized representatives / worldwide distributors & service providers of various high-tech products

for environmental-preserving and municipal as well as public utility management

          - Heavy machineries & Construction/Road maintenance

          - equipment

          - Special & Industrial equipment

          - Special Purpose Vehicles

From the beginning: Authorized as strategic partners/distributors for various world-class-quality products

in related fields for Thailand’s market

 - Equipment/Components => Heavy Machineries, Heavy     Vehicles, & Superstructures

From 2009: Launched our export & international-collaboration business with our regional partners in SEA, APAC, and Australia

From 2010: Become an official member of The Federation of Thai Industries

10 April 2024

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